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Fed up with feeling stressed and anxious all the time due to lack of sleep? Sick of poor sleep ruining your mood and ability to function in every day life? Finally, ready to say goodbye to sleepless nights, forever? What you’re about to read could completely change your life.

The Mela Weighted Blanket is the therapeutic blanket that helps restless sleepers achieve a full night’s sleep. Using the same science behind swaddling a baby, the evenly distributed weight promotes a sense of deep calm and relaxation. You can finally feel like yourself again after a great night’s sleep!

What Is A Weighted Blanket And How Can It Help You Improve Your Sleep?

Ever wondered why swaddling a baby helps them stay calm and sleep? This science is called deep touch pressure therapy and is the technique weighted blankets employ to promote calm and relaxation, so you can fall asleep more easily and stay asleep longer.

Engineered using weighted pellets to be between 8-12% of your body weight, they evenly distribute weight to provide gentle pressure and give you the sense of being held or hugged. This promotes the deep, regenerative sleep your body craves so you can finally wake up feeling 100% yourself again!

Specifically Designed For Comfort

  • Feels Like A Comforting Hug- Evenly distributed weight gently wraps around you to help you naturally feel and sleep better!

  • Feel The Difference - Breathable layers for sleeping cool all night

  • Built For Comfort - Machine washable for easy cleaning

  • Safe, Hypo-Allergenic, premium Materials - For the best sleep experience

  • Suitable For All Body Types - Hug effect helps you doze off at night

The Mela Blanket is Helping Restless Sleepers All Around The World

Made From The Highest Quality Materials So You Can Enjoy A Deeper, Longer Lasting Sleep

100% Premium Cotton Lining For Breathability

Quartz Glass Pellets Which Perfectly Distributes Weight

Rustle-Preventing Pellets For Whisper Quiet Sleep

Hypo-Allergenic, Non-Hazardous, 3rd Party Inspected Materials

Over 7000+ Happy Customers Worldwide!”

  • Over 250+ 5 Star Reviews

  • Over 50+ 5 Star Reviews

The Mela Blanket Is Helping Restless Sleepers All Around The World!

A Fast, Affordable And Natural Sleep Solution - You’ll Never Have Another Restless Night Again!

Life can be stressful. In fact, nearly half of us will experience prolonged stress, anxiety, depression or some other mental health condition in our lifetimes. That’s why the Mela Weighted Blanket is quality engineered to promote deep, restorative sleep that may help support relief from symptoms of the following conditions:

We’re On A Mission To Improve Mental Health And Every Purchase Makes A Difference

Poor sleep and mental health go hand in hand. In fact, insomnia can increase the risk of developing a mental health condition by up to 10 times. We know from personal experience the shattering effects mental health problems can have on our lives.

That’s why we use part of our profits to raise awareness for mental health and fund mental health research. We donate a portion of every sales profit to UK mental health charity Young Minds. We genuinely care about you and your loved ones, so you can sleep even better knowing you’re making a difference.

Our Founders Story

Everyone deserves a night of restful sleep- it makes life easier and more pleasant to navigate. After seeing friends and family struggle with sleep, stress and anxiety, we decided to do something about it. After months of exploring ideas, we discovered weighted blankets- one of the most effective ways of falling-and staying-asleep. We soon found that the existing options on the market were expensive, yet low quality. Seams burst, beads spilled out, and the weight was unevenly dispersed.

Imagining a better solution, we got to work, and Mela Comfort was born. Our mission is to create solutions to the anxiety-sleep-stress cycle and deliver high quality products that offer true value. Giving people who are suffering a natural and cost-effective way to sleep better- while using a portion of profits to support causes that we believe in- are the driving forces behind Mela Comfort. The Mela Comfort Weighted Blanket is the product of many sleepless nights and our quest to end them.

Thank you for choosing Mela Comfort and joining our community.

Here’s A Mere Fraction Of The Benefits Of Sleeping With A Mela Weighted Blanket

Quick And Easy Solution To Give You A Good Night’s Sleep

Unlike cognitive sleep therapies that can take years to work, a weighted blanket can help you have a good night’s sleep – starting tonight!

Natural And Holistic Cure For Your Horrible Sleepless Nights

Throw away the sleeping pill prescription and feel at ease with the natural feeling of being hugged, so you can relax and drift off into a deep sleep

Discover How It Feels To Finally Start Performing At Your Peak

Say goodbye to sleepless nights once and for all so you’re free to focus on the good things in life – like better mood, more family time, memory, and concentration!

End Your Agonising Search To Improve Stress And Anxiety

Don’t waste thousands of pounds on expensive remedies – start sleeping properly tonight and help reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety

Simple Method To Help You Feel Safe, Snug And Secure

Weighted blankets give you the wonderful sensation of being wrapped in a protective cocoon, promoting a sense of calm and deep relaxation

Mela Comfort Is Causing A Stir Across The World

Here Are The Questions We Get Asked The Most By Our Customers

Size And Weight
  • What weight should I choose for my blanket? This depends on personal preference. It is advised that the weight should roughly be between 7-12% of your body weight however, most of our customers pick the 6.8KG (This should be changed to UK sizes now we have them and won’t be using the old weights anymore) model which is sufficient. For heavier individuals, we advise purchasing a weight up.

  • What are the measurements of this blanket? The blanket dimensions are Double: 135cm x 190cm and King: 150cm x 200cm.

  • I have a double size bed. Is it ok to sleep under if the blanket hangs over the edges? No. Due to the natural weight of the blanket, they are supposed to meet the edges of your bed, not hanging over. This is to ensure you weighted blanket doesn’t end up on the floor in the night.

  • Did you find the 10% body weight recommendation to be adequate and comfortable? Could I go higher so it’s 10% of my husband’s? This is a very rough guide as it all depends on personal preference. Most people feel that the 7KG model is adequate although some people prefer it heavier.

Weight Distribution
  • How does the inner weighted part of the blanket stay attached to the outer cover? This depends on whether you have purchased a cover from Mela or from another retailer. Mela blanket covers have ties inside which you can use to attach to the inner weighted section securely.

  • How does the cover stay in place? Mela blanket covers have 12 ties inside, compared to the industry standard of only 8, which you can use to attach to the inner weighted section securely

  • Do the weighted pellets stay evenly distributed or do they shift and concentrate in one area of each quilted square? Mela weighted blankets use a custom yet simple manufacturing technique to ensure that the weight is as evenly distributed as possible. Our blankets have 33% smaller squares than most competitors that hold the weighted material. This results in the weighted material being more evenly distributed. If the weighted pellets do happen to ‘bunch up’ all you need to do is give your blanket a quick shake and it will be as good as new!

  • Does the weight stay the same throughout the blanket while using it or does it act like a bean bag chair and move around? The weighted pellets are held in small pockets in the blanket which means that the weighed material will stay in place and will not move around like using a bean bag would.

  • What is the blanket made of? Does it contain any down, silk, or wool? The weighted inner section uses 100% premium cotton material. Inside the blanket there is a thin layer of polyester filling. The weighted material is made from non-hazardous SGC certified glass pellets. The outer cover of the blanket is 100% minky polyester.

  • Where are these blankets made? In China, where we personally visit out factory to ensure the highest quality.

  • What is the weighted material (Microbeads) made of? The weighted material is made from non-hazardous SGC certified glass pellets. These are the best quality versions and superior to the plastic poly pellets due to making less noise, being safer and having a smoother texture (like sand).

  • Does the filling make any noise when you move around? No. Due to the premium type of pellets we have used there is no noise created when you move around underneath the blanket apart from normal rustling.

  • I get very hot at night. How hot am I going to get under this blanket? The cover is completely removable and sold separately to the inner weighted section. You can remove the exterior cover and still use the blanket to reduce the heat. For very hot sleepers we recommend lowering the room temperature by a few degrees if possible. We also offer a Stone Washed 100% Cotton cover to help keep you cooler.

  • Do you get hot in the summer with this blanket? This depends on personal preference and whether you have AC installed at your home. For hot sleepers, we recommend using our 100% cotton cover.

How To Use
  • Is it machine washable? It comes with a cover. The cover is removable and machine washable. Yes you can wash the inner weighted blanket on a slow cycle but we recommend hand washing the weighted section to make your blanket last longer. As long as you keep a cover on (except for washing), you shouldn’t need to wash it.

  • Can I use an electric blanket with this blanket? Yes, but it may get very hot.

  • Can you use the blanket without the cover? Yes, you can. A lot of our customers still love using our blanket without the covers as it’s cooler and the soft cotton material is comfortable to have on your skin.

  • Is there any danger of the beads leaking out? We use reinforced stitching to prevent the beads from leaking. The “weight” is inside a cover so it’s somewhat protected. Someone would have to purposely try and tear open the blanket to get at the weighted pellets.

  • Is the outer cover waterproof? No, the outer cover is not waterproof although it is machine washable if you do have an accident whilst using it.

  • If you select the inner part that is weighted, is the cover also included? Covers are sold separately. We found that some customers prefer to use their own covers on the blanket so decided to separate them. Please visit our store if you would like to purchase a cover.

  • Can I take this on a flight with me? Will it get through airport security? If you have enough space to carry it then you can take it on a flight with you although it is quite heavy and bulky so you might need to check an extra bag! However, we can’t comment on whether airport security will want to check the filling material or not.

Childrens and Pets
  • Is this product suitable for children? Our heavier (5.5KG+) and larger sized (UK Double & UK King) weighted blankets are intended for adult use only. Due to the heavy weight of the product and the large size young children should not be left unsupervised with a weighted blanket.

  • Is it safe for animals? We don’t recommend placing the weighted blanket on top of any animal’s due to the heavyweight. They might find it difficult to get out from underneath it. However, it is safe to have your pets lie on top of the blanket- just make sure to watch out for their sharp claws!

  • Does the blanket come with a warranty? What does the warranty cover? Yes, the blanket comes with a full 1 year warranty against all manufacturers defects. We pride ourselves on being accountable to our customers. If anyone has a problem with their weighted blankets, we will do everything in our power to make it right! Please contact us via if you do have any issues about your blanket.

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