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100% Cotton Stonewashed Weighted Blanket Cover

with Super Soft Reversible Minky Cover

100% Cotton Stonewashed Weighted Blanket Cover

Cool crisp 200TC cotton is perfect for summer!

Scandinavian inspired stonewashed effect. 

Percale weave for enhanced breathability.

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Cool crisp 200TC cotton is perfect for summer!

Scandinavian inspired stonewashed effect. 

Percale weave for enhanced breathability.

Size: Queen

Dimensions: 60in (W) x 80in (L)

Weight (LB): 15

Includes: 1 x weighted blanket inner section

Fabric Composition 

Outer Layer: 100% cotton

Padding: Polyester padding

Filling: SGS certified weighted glass pellets (Anti-Rustle)

Packaging: 100% cardboard (Please recycle)

Intended Audience: Adults only. Not suitable for children under the age of 13. 

Wash Instructions: To ensure your weighted blanket lasts longer and stays clean please use a removable cover when using it. If you need to wash the inner layer then you should only hand wash and lay flat to dry.

Made In: PRC

Our weighted blankets are super easy to use! Simply wrap it around you when you want to relax or sleep and make sure it is evenly spread over your body, as you would a normal blanket or comforter. It should be placed from chest down and should cover your entire body. 

To get the best effects from the wonders of Deep Touch Pressure Therapy, we recommend using one weighted blanket per person. This ensures the weight is evenly distributed, so you can relax and drift off.

Recommendations for Safe Use

Whilst weighted blankets are safe to use for adults, we always advise our customers to take some precautions:

- You should always be able to remove the blanket or get free from the blanket by yourself

- Don't cover your face/head with the blanket

- Strictly for adult use only.

Under no circumstances use on children or pets.

If you experience any of the following whilst using a weighted blanket then stop using it immediately and consult your doctor:

- Difficulty breathing

- Nausea

- Significant Increase in temperature

- Any behavioural or physical reactions which result in discomfort or anxiety

Please only give our weighted blanket to people that are able to remove it on their own without assistance. Intended for adult use only.

What weight should I choose for my blanket?

This depends on personal preference. It is advised that the weight should roughly be between 7-12% of your body weight however, most of our customers pick the 15IBs model which is sufficient. For heavier individuals, we advise purchasing a weight up.

Does the blanket come with a warranty? What does the warranty cover?

Yes, the blanket comes with a full 1 year warranty against all manufacturers defects. We pride ourselves on being accountable to our customers. If anyone has a problem with their weighted blankets, we will do everything in our power to make it right! Please contact us via if you do have any issues about your blanket.

What is the blanket made of? Does it contain any down, silk, or wool?

The weighted inner section uses 100% premium cotton material. Inside the blanket there is a thin layer of polyester filling. The weighted material is made from non-hazardous SGC certified glass pellets. The outer cover of the blanket is 100% minke polyester.



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