Our Story

When you can’t get a proper night’s sleep, it throws you off your game, and everything feels just a bit more difficult. 

After seeing friends and family struggle with sleep, stress, and anxiety, we decided to search for a solution.

Enter: The humble Mela Weighted Blanket. 

For many people, a weighted blanket is the only thing standing between them and the sleep of their dreams, yet many of the blankets on the market are expensive and poor quality.

At Mela, our goal is to help the world feel better, and sleep better. We create high quality, natural products that improve sleep, anxiety, and stress, at a fair price. And we give back to good causes while we do it. 

It all started with a blanket. It’s the product of many sleepless nights, and our quest to end them. 

Thank you for choosing Mela and being part of our community!

Sam & Matt (Mela Co-Founders)