What exactly is a weighted blanket, anyway?

A weighted blanket is heavier than your typical duvet, quilt, or comforter. Ours range from 5.5KG - 11KG weighted blankets for adults in single, double, or king sizes, and 2 - 4kg weighted blankets for kids in single sizes. The right size depends on the size and weight of the person using it. Our blankets are weighed down with tiny quartz glass pellets that moulds to the shape of your body. The pellets are blended with a plush filler and encased in ultra-soft, 100% cotton or Eucalyptus.

Tell me more about Deep Touch Pressure.

We’re very glad you asked. Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) is the term for when pressure is applied equally across the body, which is known to have a calming and organising effect on the nervous system.
This kind of technique, applied through a hug, or say, a heavy blanket, has been shown to increase the release of dopamine and serotonin (the ‘happy hormones’) by around 30%, and decrease the stress hormone cortisol by the same amount. This enables the production of melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep. DTP has been shown to have incredible benefits for all kinds of people, including those with autism, anxiety, depression, tourettes, restless leg syndrome, ADHD, PTSD, or insomnia. It’s also great for people who just like to be really damn comfortable.

Why should I buy a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets are used to provide warmth and gentle pressure all over your body, which feels like you’re being held, or hugged. For many, the sensation induces a relaxed state which helps you fall asleep more easily.

Who uses weighted blankets?

Weighted blankets were originally developed for people with a sensory disorder, like autism, but have since been used to help people with sleep disorders, nervous disorders, or PTSD. They’re a great solution for anyone who has trouble sleeping at night.

Do weighted blankets really work? (Like, REALLY, though?)

We can’t promise that weighted blankets will work for everyone. But so many people have seen improved sleep from their weighted blanket, it’s worth a try. If your Mela blanket doesn’t work for you, you can return it for free, no questions asked.

Is a weighted blanket blanket like a gravity blanket or therapy blanket?

Yes, it’s the same thing!

How do I know if a weighted blanket will work for me?

If you have trouble sleeping at night, a weighted blanket could be the answer. We’re so confident that it’ll make a difference, we offer a 30-night guarantee, during which you can return your blanket for free (no questions asked).

Are your weighted blankets safe for children or pets?

Our 2-4kg kids range is suitable for children aged 5+, and a pet range may or may not be in the works, but we couldn’t possibly reveal our secrets. Never use an adult-weighted blanket on pet, or your child, because it might be too heavy for them. Pets can happily lie on top of a Mela blanket, as we’re sure they’ll demonstrate. Don’t let them claw or bite it, though: our anxiety blankets are durable, but not that durable

Which UK weighted blanket size shall I choose?

Ideally, your weighted blanket should be 7-12% of your body weight. If your weight is suitable for a number of sizes, then really, your ideal weight comes down to preference. Don’t choose a blanket that’s too heavy for your weight range: the last thing you need is to be that person who got stuck underneath a blanket. Or, worse still, that person who couldn’t even get underneath their blanket in the first place.

Can I return or exchange my weighted blanket?

We really hope you’ll love your anti stress blanket, but if it’s not right for you, we make it super easy to return, and it’s absolutely free. Just drop our customer services team a note at support@melacomfort.co.uk and we’ll get it sorted. So, you have nothing to lose!

It sounds like something my Gran would use?

Your Gran sounds like a smart woman.