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Our Child Weighted Blanket can help you to build a successful bedtime routine, for relaxing nights and happier days. It feels like a comforting hug all night long and helps your child to get the sleep they need to grow and thrive. Includes a removable & machine washable cover. Every purchase protects 25 trees in the Amazonian rainforest. 

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Create Chill Bedtime Vibes

If your child struggles to settle, suffers from ADHD, or is easily overstimulated, a weighted blanket can help to reduce restlessness and create a sense of calm. It can take the anxiety out of your bedtime routine, making space for a bedtime story and deep, restorative rest.

Reclaim Your Evenings

Whether your child is scared of the dark, is a natural night owl, or will only sleep with you in the bed, a weighted blanket can help to soothe them to sleep. It reduces the chance of tears or tantrums from either you or your child, and frees your evenings up for much-needed R&R.

Drift off to Good Dreams

A weighted blanket can help to reduce nighttime anxiety, so your child feels reassured and comforted throughout the night. It means they're more likely to sleep deeply and get back to sleep when woken, so you might just get your bed all to yourself, all night long.

Product details


Mela weighted blankets are weighted with SGS certified, anti-rustle weighted glass pellets, so it moulds to your shape. The 100% cotton shell is ultra breathable, allowing for cooling airflow to maintain a just-right temperature. Each weighted blanket comes with a super soft removable minky cover that is made from recycled polyester. All our weighted blankets & covers are Oeko-Tex certified to ensure they are free from any harmful chemicals or toxins making it kind on your skin. Measurements: Single (100cm x 190cm)


You can hang-dry your blanket, but doing so may decrease the lifespan of your blanket.

To dry your blanket you need to geta few large towels to soak up any excess water and place the weighted blanket on top of them. This will prevent the blanket from losing its shape.

This product is not suitable for dry cleaning or for being used in a clothes dryer as it damages the blanket and reduces its lifespan

Care instructions

• Wash at a maximum of 30°C
• Wash on a cold gentle cycle
• Do not Iron
• Do not tumble dry
• Lay flat to dry

Kids Range

Directions for use

Using Your Mela Blanket

Using your Mela Blanket is easy. Place the blanket evenly over your child's body, only going up to their shoulders (do not cover their head or face). To increase the weight in any area, fold the blanket in half. You can place the weighted blanket on top or beneath your duvet if you like or just use it on its own.

Individual use

Weighted blankets are designed to be used by individuals for optimal weight distribution. Each child should use their own weighted blanket.


Does a beloved pet snuggle up with your child? We love a good cuddle too (we won't take sides on cats vs. dogs), but please be aware that our fabrics, while high- quality, are not claw or bite-proof.

Protect your blanket

Protect your blanket from direct sources of heat, as heat could damage the glass pellets inside.


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