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The Air Duvet - Eucalyptus Duvet

The Air Duvet

Eucalyptus Duvet

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The Air Duvet

Eucalyptus Duvet
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  • Cloud-like comfort meets built-in cool. Our 100% eucalyptus duvet combines cosiness with breezy airflow, for a sweat-free sleep
  • Perfect for summer, or a lighter all-year-round option
  • You protect 1000-square-feet of Amazonian rainforest when you buy this duvet

Made from 100% cooling and soft Eucalyptus Silk (Lyocell) - meaning it's super soft and airy Our fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified to ensure they are free from any harmful chemicals or toxins making it kind on your skin.

  • Our Eucalypus Silk is produced using environmentally responsible processes & harvested from regenerative forests in Austria and the Czech Republic. As a result of using a natural fiber it's compostable and biodegradable.
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Drying & care instructions

Washing & care
Eucalyptus lyocell is as durable as cotton which means you can use this duvet for years.

We advise our customers to clean their duvet at a dry cleaner that doesn’t use the chemical perchloroethylene—considered hazardous —in their process.

To save time doing this we offer a range of machine-washable duvet covers that can help protect your duvet from daily wear and tear.

Climate impact

Protecting the planet
With this purchase, you will protect 1000-square-feet of the Amazonian rainforest.

Your perfect summer duvet

Cooler than cool

Unlike polyester or down, our eucalyptus fill allows air to circulate, which helps to keep you cool. If you’re a hot sleeper, say hello to your breeziest night yet.

Less waste, more love

Our duvet is made from 100% Eucalyptus, inside and out. It’s 100% biodegradable and uses x10 less water than cotton during manufacturing, so it’s less wasteful and more sustainable.

Sustainable softness

Our super soft Eucalyptus is gentle on the planet, too. It’s sourced from regenerative forests in Austria and the Czech Republic, where we regrow everything we harvest.

Keeps allergies in check

Eucalyptus naturally repels dust mites and mould, so these hypoallergenic sheets keep stuffiness at bay for a more restful night.

Your perfect summer duvet

Quite a lot of Trees Protected

With every order, you protect over 1000 square-feet of Amazonian rainforest.

When it comes to protecting the planet, we want to pull our weight. We've partnered with 1Tribe to make sure every order makes a positive impact to the Amazon rainforest.