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Chunky Knit Velvet Weighted Blanket

Chunky Knit Velvet Weighted Blanket

Starting from £259.00

Chunky Knit Velvet Weighted Blanket

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Giving Back
  • Designed to alleviate stress through gentle pressure, leaving you feeling restored and restful.
  • Handwoven chunky knit, moulds to your body, distributing weight evenly for the ultimate hug.
  • A stylish (and cosy) addition to your bed or sofa.
  • Our feel-good velvet is OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning it's free from harmful chemicals
Dimensions: 120cm x 180cm
Fabric: 100%
polyester velvet 210gsm
Filling: 100% polyester
OEKO-TEX® certified - free from any harmful chemical
  • When you purchase this product, you protect 5 trees Amazon rainforest.
  • We donate 1% of profits to charity partner, Young Minds.
New stock is waiting to be checked into our warehouse and will be shipped by 13th April 2022!
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Washing & care

Maximise the lifespan of your chunky knit blanket with infrequent and gentle cleaning. Where possible, immediately spot clean stains with warm water.

- Wash at a maximum of 30°C on a gentle cycle
- Or, take to a professional laundromat
- Do not bleach, iron, or dry clean

- Tumble dry on the lowest heat

Additional care notes
Pets' claws, Lego bricks and other small items may pull on the fabric of this blanket, causing snags. We recommend keeping away from heat, red wine and sharp-objects.

Frequently asked questions

What is a weighted blanket?
A weighted blanket is a natural way to promote relaxation and improve your sleep. Weight can be provided by glass pellets of, in the case of our chunky knit, by the weight of the fabric itself. The weight creates pressure which has been proven to reduce anxiety - it's basically a giant hug - and takes away the day's stress.

How does it work?
Weighted blankets work on the principle of deep pressure therapy. Deep pressure or deep touch pressure is a form of tactile sensory input, and weight applied to the body stimulates dopamine and endorphins. Applying weight calms overactivity, bringing back a sense of grounding. You may have heard of deep pressure therapy being used with children and adults experiencing autism; weight can help dull overstimulated senses.

Blanket Tips

Using your blanket
1. Take time out to relax under your blanket before bed and during sleep
2. Our blankets are designed to be used by one person at a time - so enjoy that 'you time'!
3. Try using your blanket when you nap, for faster snoozes, and deeper relaxation

Protecting the planet

Every purchase of our chunky knit blanket protects 1000-square-feet of Amazonian rainforest through our partnership with 1Tribe.

The chunky knit weighted blanket

Relax like you mean it

Our chunky knit weighted blanket means you can take time out wherever and whenever you like.

Carefully handmade

Woven by hand for ultimate luxury. Chunky and comfy -just how we like it.

Elevated yet practical

This blanket isn't just for the bedroom; its chunky appeal looks fabulous everywhere.

Give back with Mela

Every purchase protects 5 trees in the Amazon rainforest. So you can feel good about your purchase

The chunky knit weighted blanket

Chunky Knit Velvet Weighted Blanket
Trees Protected

Every order protects 5 trees in the Amazon rainforest.

So far we've stored over 47,000 tonnes of CO2