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Why Are Weighted Blankets so Expensive?

When purchasing a weighted blanket, you will find products being sold at a spectrum of prices. As with any health product, it is important to consider the quality, size, and weight. You must also consider whether the blanket you choose solves your problem -- your difficulty sleeping.

  • Will it be comfy?
  • Will it be pretty?
  • Will I finally get a good night’s sleep?

Some customers have asked about the price of weighted blankets. What does a weighted blanket cost? What makes the weighted blanket price so high?

Hey, this is our hard earned money we’re talking about!

Of course, a weighted blanket is more expensive than a regular blanket or comforter simply because it has more components:

  • The cover
  • The quilted & weighted interior section
  • The weights!

If you get a good night’s sleep, those hundreds of tiny weights sewn into the blanket are worth their weight in gold.

Yet you don’t have to pay like they’re gold-plated!


Peeking inside the weighted blanket:

why are weighted blankets so expensive

The exterior cover:

The external cover must be soft, comfortable, machine washable, and durable. You want to snuggle deep inside, don’t you?

The exterior of the weighted section:

100% premium cotton is optimal as it is breathable, machine washable, and durable. When the fabric can breathe, you’re less likely to get hot!

The blanket’s weight:

The weight must be evenly distributed for optimal performance. The blanket cannot accomplish its mission to reduce stress and improve sleep without this weight distribution. After all, the blanket must be able to do its job!

The weighted pellets:

Manufacturers use a variety of materials as weights, including stones, sand, steel ball bearings, rice, wheat, plastic or glass pellets. Non-Toxic material is optimal for a blanket with therapeutic use. Safety first - can’t argue with that!

Weight distribution:

The weight material is sewn into pockets to keep the weight as evenly distributed as possible across the blanket. There may also be filler added for softness and to prevent the material from shifting. That’s the sign of a high-quality blanket!

Blanket’s size:

Be sure to choose a blanket suitable for each person, whether adult or child. Find a blanket that is sized for your bed: Twin, Queen, King. You can purchase a blanket that’s exactly right for adult or child, to ensure total comfort.

Take time to carefully consider these points when purchasing a weighted blanket.

You want a blanket you will love to snuggle with every night!


How much is a weighted blanket?

One of the most common misconceptions people have about weighted blankets is that a high price automatically equals high quality.

That’s not always the case. After all, some high-quality products are very affordable! You just have to know what to look for. By the way, to make an informed decision, check out our article about weighted blanket pros and cons.

The prices of weighted blankets can range from $30 to $350+. This includes amateur-made blankets on crafting sites, blankets for children, adult blankets, big-box store blankets, and well-manufactured premium weighted blankets.

You could get dizzy simply looking at all the websites!

If you’re looking for something that’s high quality yet affordable, it’s best to find a weighted blanket company that:

  • Specializes in professionally manufactured blankets
  • Uses high-quality non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials for optimal safety.
  • Has been checked by a 3rd party inspection service like Intertek.
  • Includes a cover - weighted blankets are nightmares to wash.

These blankets are more likely to hold up in everyday use and after washing. You don’t want the thing to fall apart!

Here’s your checklist to consider regarding the weighted blanket:

  • Is the size good for you / your bed size?
  • Can you wash the blanket at home, including the weighted section?
  • What kind of materials are inside and outside?
  • Are the materials non-toxic?
  • Is there a warranty?

An investment in your sleep & your health

Imagine finally getting a good night’s sleep!

You wake up feeling refreshed, ready for the day. Every day is less stressful, regardless of what happens, when you’ve had a decent night’s sleep. You will be more productive, and your mood will improve when you sleep well. When your sleep is optimal, your health and immunity improve.

You simply feel good & look refreshed (no more raccoon eyes!)