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Ways to Wash a Weighted Blanket

It Will All Come Out in the Wash - How To Clean Your Weighted Blanket

Lugging a heavy laundry basket to a washing machine isn’t fun. But with a weighted blanket, that task reaches next level proportions. With some blankets weighing up to 30 pounds, you’d have to enlist the help of Jason Momoa to comfortably move that thing to the wash.

But luckily, there’s an easier way to clean that weighted blanket. Although to be clear, we’re still on board with Jason Momoa doing household chores for us.

If you’re struggling with how to wash a weighted blanket, don’t worry. We have you covered.


Act Fast With Stains

Were you sobbing in bed as you ate your way through a pint of ice cream while watching The Notebook? No judgment here. It can be our little secret.

If you notice the next morning that you missed your mouth between your anguished cries, you need to treat that stain. You might be able to spot clean it with a wet washcloth and some mild detergent.

If you can successfully perform that operation, you can avoid a full-scale machine wash. But if it’s been an emotional month for you with the chick flicks and midnight snacks, spot washing might not be enough. Put a good pre-wash stain treatment on it, and move on to a full wash.


Think Gentle

how to wash a weighted blanket


Not all blankets are made for washers and dryers. Some require a more delicate touch than that.

Sometimes you can figure out whether hand washing is the best course of action just by looking at the material it is made from. Generally though, most weighted blankets are okay for machine washing to some degree.

You’ll want to check your blankets washing instructions though because they won’t all be the same.

When washing your blanket, you should opt for a delicate cycle. That will extend the life of your blanket, and that’s a good thing since they can be expensive.

Use Cold

Sometimes people think something isn’t really clean until the hot water arrives. But when washing laundry, that’s not true. Cold is often your best bet.

It protects the color of your blanket from bleeding and fading. That will keep it looking new longer.

Plus, you can feel super smug when you’re doing it. That’s because you’ll be saving money and energy from not heating that water up.

Get a Cover for Your Blanket

how to wash a blanket


Some weighted blankets are made with a cover, much like a duvet cover, that can be slipped on and off. That makes washing simple. You’ll just slide off the exterior part of the blanket and toss it in the wash.

You don’t have to worry about lugging around the heavy interior part.

If your blanket doesn’t have a cover, you can purchase a weighted blanket cover to protect it and make clean up much easier.

But keep in mind, it will affect how warm your blanket is. If you get hot easily, try to use a 100% cotton or bamboo cover to help you keep cool at night.

If you already feel your blanket is as warm as you want it to be, adding another layer to it might not be the best choice for you. If you don’t want more warmth, stay away from fleece or flannel.

Should You Use Your Own Machine?

If you have a heavy blanket that doesn’t have an outside cover on it, you might not want to wash it in your machine. That’s a lot of wear and tear on your washer with that amount of weight.

You’d be better off taking it to a laundromat and letting it bang around inside of their equipment instead.

What Cleansers Should You Add?

wash a weighted blanket


Like your mother probably told you when you first started wearing makeup, the less you do, the better. Detergent is necessary to get that deep clean you want, but make it as mild as you can.

Skip the bleach and the dryer sheets. The less you do, the better the chance your blanket will remain soft and cuddly even after multiple washes.

What About the Dryer?

Dryers are handy for several reasons, but most of all they’re good if you’re crunched for time. Seriously, who has the time to hang something up to dry and wait all day for it to happen?

And if you have a heavy blanket, your normal drying line won’t be strong enough to do the trick. You’re a lot braver than I am if you’re thinking about trying to line dry a 30-pound blanket.  

Your other alternative is putting it on tumble dry in your machine. But before you’re tempted to tell yourself a little dryer time won’t hurt, check the washing instructions. It might be like that takeout that’s been sitting in your refrigerator the past three days -- a bit iffy.

You don’t want to ruin your fabric by putting it in the dryer for too long. If you decide to go ahead with it, do it sparingly. You don’t have to let it run until it’s bone dry.

Skip the Ironing

weighted blanket


Okay, Martha Stewart. Even if you love ironing, this is where we have to draw the line.

Your blanket may be a bit wrinkly for a while after you’ve washed and dried it. But those wrinkles will work themselves out soon enough. It’s not worth the time or potential damage to the materials used in the blanket to iron it.

Just Say No To the Dry Cleaner

I’m not a big fan of dry cleaning. It’s expensive and it adds another stop to my already extensive daily to-do list.

But what worries me more about dry cleaning is the potential carcinogens that are used in the process. I’d rather skip that.

With weighted blankets, there are other good alternatives for cleaning. I’m sure you would personally rather save your time, energy, and possibly your health than dry clean.

Keep Yourself Covered

You’re going to have to bite the bullet and clean your blanket at some point. You’ll likely spend anywhere from six-to-ten hours a night cuddled up to it. So it’s not a surprise it needs a bath once in a while.

By paying attention to the fabric you’re washing, how durable it is, and any special washing instructions that came with it, it will be your late-night movie companion for years to come. Oh, and if you still need some more information about weighted blankets, check out our article on how to use a weighted blanket.