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The Ultimate Wellness Gift Guide 2021

Giving the gift of wellness is certainly trending right now. As we all tune into self-care practices, gifts that help further our personal journeys are always well-received. We find the best wellness gifts are usually practical, personal, and make the receiver feel fabulous! However, buying wellbeing gifts such as candles, skincare and bedding can be a bit overwhelming - so much choice!


So, whether you're looking for mental health gifts, gifts to help with sleep, or you’re an overachiever getting early Christmas gift ideas, we've gathered the very best wellbeing gift ideas, so you can simply 'add-to-basket'. So, go forth and be a fabulous gifter!


For the person in need of some shut-eye

Know someone with a constant eye twitch? Chances are they need something to soothe and alleviate stress, helping them to get more of the good stuff (that's sleep!).


Luxe Cotton Knit Weighted Blanket by Mela

The OG stress reliever, providing instant bliss for grown-ups seeking better sleep. Shop here.


Deep Relax Sleep Mist by Aromatherapy Associates

Perfect for travelling, the sleep-inducing elixir leaves you feeling refreshed and restored come morning.

Shop here.


Bodyclock Luxe 750DAB by Lumie

The lighting legends at Lumie have designed an excellent range of sunset and sunrise alarm locks that minimise the need to rely on devices in the bedroom.

Shop here.


For the super active ones

Athletes, gym-bunnies, and even the bendiest yogis need some TLC. Find relaxing gifts for weary bones and those who groan.


Dual Pillow by Mela

Two-in-one design and osteopath approved comfort. Ultimate softness meets adaptive support - it’s one of our best-sellers for a good reason.

Shop here.


Loungewear by Lululemon

We absolutely love Lululemon’s lounge collection, sumptuous softness for lounging, yoga and everything in-between.

Shop here.


Some little pick me ups

Whether looking for Christmas stocking fillers, skincare gifts or sleep gifts for her (and him), these gifts might just be the ticket.


Sleep Mask by Mela

Block out unwanted light and care for your skin with our super-soft 100% Eucalyptus Silk Sleeping Mask.

Shop here.


Before Sleep, Lavender, Eucalyptus & Cedar Candle by Aery Living

We love this candle from Aery Living, perfect for winding down and settling into an evening routine.

Shop here.


Blue Light Blocker for MacBooks by Ocushield

Blue light is a sleep-stealing demon; fight back with Ocushield’s Blue Light Blocker. Bonus: this gadget also acts as a privacy screen.

Shop here.


For the little ‘uns

Don’t think we forgot the tiny humans among us, here are some gift ideas for children that we think they’ll love!


Kids weighted blanket by Mela

Getting kids into a sleep routine is made easier with a weighted blanket of their own. The weight can help to soothe away anxiety and under-the-bed monsters.

Shop here.


For moody (and not so moody) teens

They might kick up a fuss when you tell them to relax, but secretly they love it.


Original Weighted Blanket by Mela

ICYMI: We offer our weighted blanket in various weights and sizes, so there’s one for everyone - even your moody teen.

Shop now.