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The Ultimate Guilt-Free Duvet Day

Believe it or not, but switching off and taking some “me” time is important for your health. Dealing with the stresses of life and staying on top of our busy schedules, day in and day out, is draining and exhausting. Sometimes we all need a dedicated day to ourselves to rest and recharge our batteries. And what better way to do this than to snuggle up and have a duvet day! 


With the Easter bank holiday weekend coming up, there’s no better opportunity to have a guilt-free day in bed. To assist you with your relaxation, we’re providing some tips to ensure you can chill to the max.


  1. Create a relaxing environment


Turn off your phone and notifications so you can completely switch off from the rest of the world. Create a calming atmosphere by lighting some scented candles, burning some relaxing essential oils, and setting the lights to low. Fairy lights are a great way of creating the perfect chill mood.

  1. Get the perfect bedding


What’s a duvet day without a good pillow? Our osteopath-approved pillow provides the perfect place to rest your head, providing the right balance of squish and support.

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The Air Duvet is the perfect partner to our dual pillow. Made from 100% eucalyptus, this duvet is ultra cosy yet breathable, ensuring you stay cool and sweat free. It is also hypoallergenic, so no need to fear allergies ruining your day!

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Now you’ve got the perfect duvet and pillow, it’s time to dress them with the perfect sheets. No one wants to spend a day in bed only to wake up the next morning with spots. Our clean silver sheet set is cleverly designed to reduce breakouts. Woven with real silver, this fabric feels luxurious whilst also repelling bacteria, staying cleaner for longer.

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  1. Snuggle up with a blanket

A warm cosy blanket is an essential for the perfect duvet day. Take your relaxation to the next level and use our award-winning weighted blanket. By providing the comforting feeling of a hug, it promotes relaxation and melts away anxiety. Combine this with cooling cotton and super-soft quilted fleece, and you’ve got the perfect tool for an anxiety free day of indulgence.

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  1. Wear comfortable clothes

Now you’ve dressed your bed appropriately, it’s important to dress yourself for the occasion. Comfort is essential for achieving the ultimate duvet day - it's time to ditch the tight skinny jeans and get your comfies on. Whether that's joggers and a baggy t-shirt, a silky robe, or your favourite pair of pyjamas, don’t be afraid to slob around in your lounge wear all day.

  1. Get some snacks 

A duvet day is not complete without snacks. Come prepared and load up on tasty treats before you settle down for the day. Now’s the time to let go of any healthy eating habits and indulge guilt-free!

  1. Keep the hot drinks coming


An endless supply of tea is a great accompaniment to a day in bed. Especially if you’ve chosen some tasty biscuits for your snacks. Or, you could really go to town and whip yourself up a fancy hot chocolate with all the trimmings.

  1. Get the tele on

Now’s the perfect time to curl up and find a good TV series to binge. Let auto-play do its thing and you won’t even have to move! Or, if you’d prefer, complete a movie marathon and watch all of your favourite movies back-to-back.

  1. Order a takeaway

Don’t disrupt your duvet day to cook in the evening - you most likely do that every day anyway. Time to switch off from your usual daily chores. Instead, get scrolling for food deliveries nearby and let your food come to you. Today is not a day to hold back, so treat yourself to something you wouldn’t normally.

  1. Phone a friend

Do you have an old friend you haven’t spoken to in a while? A duvet day is a great time to catch up with someone. Kick back and relax in your comfy attire and cosy bed and let the conversation flow.


  1. Plan some fun

You finally have some time to yourself to relax and reflect on things. If you’re feeling a bit fed up with life, use this time to make fun future plans. Whether that's going on holiday, going to a music gig, or going out for a meal. Having some fun things in the calendar makes re-entering less daunting.

  1. Pamper time

Another great activity for a duvet day is a pamper session. This day is all about you, don't forget. Get your face mask on and the nail varnish out and make yourself feel a million dollars. You might even want to take this time to dye your hair and revamp your look.

  1.  Nap

Don’t be afraid to close your eyes in the middle of the day and take a little nap. This is your day off and time to rest, so is a great opportunity to catch up on sleep after a busy week. 

With Easter weekend just around the corner, it's time to get prepared for your duvet day. Hit the shops and pick up your snacks and hot drinks. Make sure to treat yourself to some new comfy bedding from Mela, and prepare your bedroom for some serious relaxation.