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Podcasts For Bedtime (To Help With Falling Asleep)


It can be hard to relax at the end of the evening. It’s too easy to replay every little detail of what happened throughout the day as you’re trying to nod off. You might need some help with winding down and taking your mind off of things.

Wondering what to listen to fall asleep to? These five podcasts for bedtime can help you destress so you can fall asleep. They are great choices for those who are struggling to come up with what to listen to while sleeping


How Do Podcasts Help with Sleep?

Some people do best when they have something else to concentrate on besides their own thoughts. It could be the humming of a fan, listening to music, or hearing the sounds of nature. It keeps us from one of the biggest enemies of sleep -- overthinking. 

Podcasts can range from talking to white noise, much like a fan would provide. Either can be soothing or relaxing for people who are trying to go to sleep. They can mask all the little noises that startle us as we try to fall asleep.

They can also take our minds off of those little worries that we think about when we’re ready to nod off for the night. Those worrying thoughts about work, money, relationships, or health can keep you alert. By avoiding them with distractions from the podcasts, you can start to relax faster, which can help you also fall asleep faster. 


5 Sleep-Inducing Podcasts

Ready to meet your new best sleep aids? These five podcasts will help you have a good night of rest. 


1. Sleep With Me

The Sleep With Me podcast calls itself “The Podcast That Puts You To Sleep” so you won’t be hurting their feelings if you find yourself nodding off in a few minutes. It’s a podcast designed to help you sleep. 

The monotone voices on the podcast and the non-stimulating content on this bedtime story podcast should have you ready to catch some zzzzz’s within a few minutes, just like those rambling high school or college teachers you once had.

You’ll have your choice of stories to listen to while falling asleep. They include scintillating titles such as Smoothing Garfunkel’s Hair and Thanksgiving Day Parade Recap. 

This might be the best sleep podcast because it’s so brilliantly boring. Put on your eucalyptus eye mask and let these bedtime stories help you drift off. 


2. Sleep Whispers

Another great sleep podcast, Sleep Whispers features soothing voices whispering you into slumber. Think of it as bedtime stories for grown-ups. It includes poems, articles, and stories.

You’ll be able to relax to “The Tinder Box” by Hans Christian Andersen or one of the many other episodes there are.  

Why does this podcast work so well for stimulating sleepiness? Chalk it up to the whispering. It’s responsible for creating an autonomous sensory meridian response. That’s the relaxed response people have when they hear sounds like tapping and whispering. 

Sleep Whispers can be found as Apple podcasts or on Spotify. 


3. Deep Energy

If you’re more of a New Age type of guy or woman, you might want to check out Deep Energy. It’s a great choice for those who find voices too stimulating. It uses relaxing music and ambient noise to lull you to sleep. 

This sounds like the type of music you’d listen to in a spa, so those who are into that kind of music should love this podcast. 


4. Nothing Much Happens

Nothing Much Happens is another podcast that delivers on its promise to give adults a soothing bedtime story to hear. Those who have fear of missing out and can’t turn off their brains should have no problem falling asleep to this podcast. 

The beauty of it is that you can’t miss out -- the title says it all. Nothing much happens in these stories, so there is no way you’ll miss any kind of pertinent detail.

And if you’re still afraid you’ll miss some important bit of information, don’t worry. They tell the same story twice so you’re free to let your mind wander. Chances are, you’ll be asleep by the time the second telling begins. 


5. Boring Books for Bedtime

This podcast may not be as popular as the other ones on this list, but it should knock you out quickly. We’ve all been forced to read boring books in school and struggled to stay awake while doing so.

This takes that idea and amplifies it with a hushed, monotone voice. You’ll be able to find classics such as A Winter Walk by Henry David Thoreau, Utopia by Sir Thomas More, and The Coming of the Fairies by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

If you were the type who felt like they were hit with a tranquilizer dart every time they stepped into their high school literature class, this podcast might be right for you. 

It’s Your Choice

There’s never been a better time to struggle with sleep issues, if you think about it. There are so many white noise machines out there to choose from. And there are also these top-quality podcasts that work so hard to relax your mind and be completely non-stimulating.

By providing soothing sounds and dull content, these podcasts may be one of your best tools for getting a great night of sleep.