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Meet Aeyla. Launching August 2022

Meet Aeyla.


Mela is transforming later this summer and we wanted to tell you first.

When we launched Mela, we were on a mission to help you sleep better. Our weighted blanket, which has since been tried and loved by over 50,000 of you, brought us closer to a world without sleepless nights - but we realised we were dreaming too small.

Since then, we’ve dug deeper into the link between sleep and stress, and have quickly discovered one can’t be improved without the other. Over a third of adults struggle with both. When we're stressed, we struggle to sleep. When we can't sleep, days can feel more stressful. And so goes the sleep-stress cycle.


What's the Sleep-Stress Cycle?

Aeyla is our fresh start, with a new mission to help you break the sleep-stress cycle.

It’s set to become a one-stop shop for natural sleep and stress solutions, to put your mind and body at ease. We’ll continue to create the bedding products you love, but there will be exciting, new solutions too. Stay tuned...


Behind our new name

Aeyla [Ay-luh]
Inspired by the Bulgarian word 'Ailyak', meaning "the art of doing everything slowly with no rush, while enjoying the process".


Shop the last of Mela

In the meantime, as we say goodbye to Mela as it currently is, we’re selling our existing stock at our most reduced price. So if you (or friends & family) want to stock up on weighted blankets and bedding (as well as collect a bit of a timepiece), now’s your chance.

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