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Make the Most Out of Your Sleep: Why Temperature Matters

When you’re too hot or too cold, it’s hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. If you’re too hot, you’ll get night sweats and feel as if you’re roasting. If you’re too cold, you might end up shivering or waking up every few minutes because of your intensely cold feet. 

For your best sleep, you’ll want to stay cool, not cold or hot. Usually, it’s harder to stay cool while sleeping than it is to stay warm enough. You can always throw extra blankets on your bed to warm up. But what can you do when your room is too hot? Having a cool pillow can help. 


What is a Cooling Pillow?

A cooling pillow is a pillow designed to keep you feeling cooler while you sleep. It beats flipping your pillow over every 30 minutes in a futile attempt to cool yourself off. 

Like other pillows, this type will offer neck support, but it’ll also keep you resting comfortably on a hot summer night


The Reasons for Buying a Cooling Pillow

A cool pillow, UK residents know, can be a lifesaver during those hot, humid, brutal summer months. There are several reasons consumers turn to cooling pillows:

  • To feel more comfortable when trying to sleep: These types of pillows can feel so nice against your overly warm body temperature

  • To avoid daytime drowsiness: When you aren’t tossing and turning because of poor sleep quality, you’ll feel less tired during the day. You’ll have more energy at work and for exercise. 

  • To keep your immune system in top shape: A sleep deficit can lead to a weaker immune system

  • To stop sweating so much while sleeping: Cooling pillows can help with temperature regulating, making you a little less prone to heavy sweating. Chillier skin on your face may help hot sleepers avoid uncomfortably wet pillows. 

  • To help with hot flushes: Hot flushes can happen to women as they near menopause, but they can also be a side effect of certain medications for anyone. A cooling gel pillow can help alleviate those hot flushes. 


Do Cooling Pillows Really Work?

A cooling pillow, UK residents have learned, can help a lot in hot or humid conditions. They aren’t a magical solution that will leave you feeling super cold all night if your bedroom is 100 degrees. But they can help take the edge off of that heat, which can be just enough to help you stay comfortable when you’re trying to go to sleep.  


The Types of Cooling Pillows -- And How They Work

These types of pillows work in several different ways by using:

  • Breathability: While it may seem like such a small feature, breathability matters greatly while trying to get a good night of sleep. Think about when you use a synthetic material for blankets. You get so hot because the fabric isn’t breathable. Using an air-permeable fabric and the right weave can let the air vent right through the pillow for better flow. A specially designed memory foam pillow can be a wise choice, particularly for those with neck pain

  • A cooling gel: When you’re hot, think how refreshing it is to place a bottle of cold water on your face. A cooling gel pillow uses the same principle to cool you. It feels particularly great for stomach sleepers or a side sleeper who sleeps with their face pressed against it. A gel pillow absorbs your body heat and transfers that nice cool feeling to your face.

  • Material: Some bedding experts say that a natural latex pillow is better at cooling them down than memory foam because of its open-cell structure. This structure allows a great deal of airflow. As another perk, latex pillows are often machine washable, although heat isn’t recommended so you can’t stick them in the dryer. Another stay-cool material that can be used on a pillowcase is eucalyptus because it has natural cooling properties.


The Pros and Cons of Cooling Pillows

Cooling pillows can be a great investment. Here are some of the pros of using one.

  • You can feel more comfortable: No one loves the idea of resting their head on a wet pillowcase. A cooling pillow can stop some of the sweat from happening, leading to a drier night of sleep. 

  • Feeling better rested: Waking up refreshed because you’ve slept better can impact your mental health and physical health. That’s a big payoff for buying a single pillow.

  • They can help with neck pain: Cooling pillows come in a variety of lofts, so you’ll be able to find the right height to help keep your neck pain-free in the morning. 

  • Hypoallergenic: Gel pillows are often made from materials that aren’t as conducive for allergens, such as dust mites.

While cooling pillows have helped many sleepers, they aren’t a cure-all for sleep issues. Sometimes they can have drawbacks as well, including:

  • The cooling effect has limits: Generally, you’ll experience the most cooling with these pillows early in the night. As the night carries on, the effects won’t be as significant or pronounced.

  • Some pillows aren’t machine washable: For many of these types of pillows, you won’t be able to wash the pillow itself -- only the pillowcase. That might prove to be a slight issue for people who suffer from allergies. 

  • A chemical odour: If your cooling pillow is made out of memory foam, it may be more likely to give a chemical smell -- at least for a few days. Some people don’t notice this smell, while others find it quite offensive or even irritating to their throat or noses.

  • There can be gel issues: Over time, you might notice the gel in your pillow doesn’t behave as it once did. It can get clumpy if you’ve had your pillow for quite a while. 

  • An unusual feel: If you’ve used regular pillows your whole life, it can take some time to adjust to the feel of a cooling pillow that uses gel. Also, for people who like fluffy, soft pillows, cooling gel pillows can often have a firm, harder feel to them. 


What to Look for in a Cooling Pillow?

With so many types and models to choose from, it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed when shopping for a cooling pillow. It can help your selection process when you make a list of what features are most important to you. That will help you ensure you won’t be disappointed in your selection.

Which kind of cooling technology you’d most like is one important factor. If you’ve never tried a gel pillow, you might be interested in giving it a whirl. Or you might want to stick with a smaller change for your first cooling pillow -- one that uses airflow and breathability instead of gel.  

Which type of pillowcase material you opt for is another big factor. Three favourite pillowcase materials for a cool night of sleep include eucalyptus, 100 percent cotton, and bamboo. If your pillow comes with a cover that’s machine washable, you might not need to worry about finding a pillowcase. But if you have a fabric preference, you might want to change pillowcases to a fabric you’re comfortable with and that has worked well in the past at keeping you cool. 

The loft and firmness of the pillow are other considerations. Firm pillows with a high loft generally don’t work well for those who sleep on their stomach. And some side sleepers may want to look for a firm pillow with a lower loft if they have less neck pain with flatter pillows. 

Finally, if you have allergies, you’ll want to find a product that is easy to clean. Frequently washing your pillow can help cut down on the level of allergens you are exposed to, which can lessen the severity of the symptoms you experience.  

Mela’s Cooling Pillows

If you want a cooling pillow recommendation, add ours to your list of contenders. It’s soft and supportive, made for all sleep positions, and machine washable. Plus, it’s highly breathable, which helps with cooling, using a super comfy 100 percent cotton outer shell that lets the air circulate all night. 

We’ve thought of everything, so all you have to do is rest your weary head and relax.


Stay Cool

Improving your sleep quality is one of the best things you can do to protect your health.

It’s time for you to kick that hot, sweaty, old pillow of yours to the curb and experience a better way to sleep each night.