13 April 2019 / 5 mins read

Everyday use of a weighted blanket with pets and children around raises basic questions: "How can I safely wash a weighted blanket?" and "How to clean a weighted blanket if it’s stained?".

While all weighted blanket recommendations will vary depending on the fabrics and weights used, the following tips apply to a Mela Comfort weighted blanket.

After all, you want it to last a good long time!

The two components - the cover and the weighted interior section - must be washed separately on a low heat setting. To learn how to clean a weighted blanket, please follow these steps:

Washing The Cover

how to wash a weighted blanket


Here’s the step-by-step you should follow for best results.

Unzip the cover and remove it from the inner weighted blanket. You will need to unfasten the ties to do this. The washing instructions will be printed on the cover’s label. Follow those instructions carefully.

Stains: It’s best to rinse them out when they occur. If you do find an old stain, run cold water over that spot, rub gently, apply a mild detergent, rinse.

Oops - things do happen!

Beverages or protein-based stains like bodily fluids can be very common spills. Use a spray that does not include harsh chemicals which can affect the soft material of your blanket. Avoid products with bleach or other whitening agents. Use a stain remover designed for the fabric. These are often marketed for rugs or throws but is safe if it is bleach-free and hypoallergenic.

Got a greasy spot? Treat grease stains with soap. If you drop food or anything oil based onto your blanket, use dish soap on the spot. Again, avoid anything harsh or with bleach. Unscented, non-chlorinated dish soap is the best option.

Just be careful with the material. You don’t want to ruin your pretty blanket!

The Mela Comfort cover is machine washable using cold water. Avoid using detergents with bleach. Avoid fabric softeners for polyester covers.

Drying your blanket

We recommend hanging the cover outside/inside to dry (as long as there's air flow).

Avoid using a dryer with the covers to preserve the softness of the outer fabric.

Washing The Weighted Inner Blanket

As long as you keep a cover on (except for washing), you shouldn’t need to wash the weighted section. However, if you do need to wash this section, you have two choices -- machine washing or hand washing in a tub.

Machine washing:

washing weighted blanket


Blankets can be washed in a home washer or commercial washer. ALWAYS check that your washer can handle this amount of weight before using it at home!

Weighted blankets are heavy (duh) and if you don't want to overload your home appliances without checking first. 

You can also take it to a laundromat or a professional laundering service with large commercial machines. If you are using a professional service, ensure the blanket is washed according to the right temperature for the fabric.


Do not dry clean.

Machine washing instructions:

If you prefer the old-fashioned way of cleaning, here’s how.

Note: You might have to wait for a nice warm sunny day to lay it out to dry!

Handwashing in a tub:

how to clean a weighted blanket


Fill a tub halfway with tepid water; use a bathtub or large laundry basin. Make sure it is big enough for your blanket and the required volume of water. When filling, allow room to move the blanket in the tub without spilling water over the tub. Avoid leaning over a tub if the blanket will be too heavy for you to lift when wet.

Add mild detergent. Avoid harsh chemicals which can damage the cotton fabric and poly-fil filling, including bleach or other whitening agents. Use gentle detergents and thoroughly rinse your blankets.

With your hands, slosh the water to activate the detergent, making it frothy. This evenly spreads the detergent throughout the tub, giving your blanket even soap coverage when washing it.

Submerge the blanket completely in the water. Push the blanket into the water to completely cover it in the soapy water. Use your hands to gently knead the blanket in sections so you know where you have cleaned. Leave the blanket in the tub and drain the water from the tub.

Enough of this fun! Now it’s time to rinse...

Pour fresh water into the tub. Once the original soapy water has drained, add clean water and rinse the blanket. Do this repeatedly until there is no soap residue left on the blanket.

Swishing the blanket through the clean water will help dispel the soap from your blanket.

You will know if the soap has been removed when the rinsing water runs clear.

Roll up your sleeves!

Remove the excess water. Squeeze out the excess water from the blanket by rolling it tightly. You don't need to wring it out. Do this repeatedly until most of the water has been dispelled.

Hopefully, you’ve got nice sunny weather, so you can let Mother Nature do her part!

Air dry the blanket. Lay it out in the sun. You may also hang it over a bannister (not a clothesline) If using this method, the pellets may bunch up -- so shake the blanked every 30 minutes to get rid redistribute the weight. The blankets must have evenly distributed weight and gentle pressure, so protect the weights as much as possible.

Protect Your Mela Comfort Weighted Blanket

With careful washing, your Mela Comfort weighted blanket can give you many years of restorative sleep. Treat it gently, and your weighted blanket will return the favour!