12 March 2021 / 4 mins read

We’ve all been there, trying to sleep when it’s so hot you feel as if you won’t survive the night. When you’re too hot to sleep, you feel so miserable and sweaty, it’s hard to relax enough to get any rest. Or, if you do manage to somehow fall asleep, you seem to wake up every few minutes or in the middle of the night because your body knows something is wrong.


But there are ways to outsmart the heat when you’re trying to get some quality rest when sleeping in a hot room.


How Heat Affects Your Sleep



 When trying to sleep in hot weather, it becomes harder to fall asleep and to stay in that state. The external heat can alter your body’s core temperature, which typically fluctuates during a 24-hour cycle. When it gets too hot, your body can’t cool itself as much, impacting your circadian rhythm, which is essentially your sleep-wake cycle.

The hot weather also negatively impacts your slow-wave sleep, commonly called deep sleep, and your rapid eye movement sleep

But it’s not only the external heat that impacts your ability to rest. Any heat between your body and your sheets can make you feel warmer, less comfortable, and unable to sleep. That’s why it is wise to swap out your heavy winter sheets in favor of some that are better suited for warm weather. 

Finding the Right Temperature



Hot nights in bed are the pits. It’s too hard to fall asleep when it’s hot. That’s why it’s beneficial to know what the best temperature for ideal sleeping is. 


Any sleep expert will tell you the best temperature for sleeping is anywhere from approximately 65 degrees Fahrenheit up to the low 70s. When Mother Nature unleashes a heat wave, though, it can be hard to keep your house that cool. And it can feel downright impossible if you don’t have air-conditioning.


If your house has no air-conditioning, you’ll have to get more creative about how to sleep in heat. Solutions might include keeping the windows open at night to get a breeze, using a fan, and using eucalyptus or cotton sheets.


Things You Can Do Before Bed to Stay Cool



The hour or two leading up to bedtime can be important for cooling down so you’ll be able to get some shut-eye when you hit the sheets. Here’s what you can do to make yourself more comfortable before bedtime.

Staying Cool on Hot Nights in Bed



Once you head to bed for the night, there are some things you can do to get restful sleep.


Stay Cool 


Your sleep situation in the summer doesn’t have to be a hot mess. By thinking ahead and trying to outsmart the weather, it is possible to get better sleep. Do your best to stay cool, keep yourself well-hydrated, and enjoy those fun, long summer days.