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How to get rid of those ‘Sunday Scaries’

How to get rid of those ‘Sunday Scaries’

For many people, Sunday night can bring up anxious feelings as we mourn our free time. Especially as the post-pandemic world re-opens and people start going back to the office, these feelings might double. We know that after a glorious weekend, Sunday night can feel like a big anti-climax. 

Thinking about work or the week ahead may also increase stress hormones which stop you from enjoying whatever you are doing. Adding insult to injury, stress hormones then mess up your sleep. So, it’s no wonder many people say Sundays are their worst night’s sleep. 

The good news is that there are some easy ways to ease the Sunday Scaries and get a great night’s sleep. Here’s how you can reclaim your Sunday:

- Try a weighted blanket

You know how sometimes all you want is a big hug, and you know you’ll instantly feel better? Well, a weighted blanket can alleviate feelings of anxiety by mimicking a long hug. 

How does it actually work? Weighted blankets use ‘deep pressure touch’ (DPT), which stimulates feel-good hormones and calms overactive nervous systems. In addition, DPT has been proven to reduce indicators of stress in individuals experiencing ASD.

Using a weighted blanket on Sunday evening can help you fall asleep more quickly, and for longer, so by Monday morning, you’re fresh and ready to face the day. 

- Be present in the now

Not to go all Eckhart Tolle on you, but the Sunday Scaries thrive on worry, and worry builds more worry. Thinking about things that haven’t or that will never happen causes anxiety and stress. So try to enjoy the moment you’re in rather than focusing on the future. Think about that delicious Sunday dinner, a trip to the park, walking your dog, or a late afternoon trip to the cinema instead. 

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.” - Eckhart Tolle. 

- Don’t check anything work-related

Though we know it’s tempting (trust us), one of the worst things you can do on a Sunday evening is to check your emails. Try and stay clear of work-related comms on your days off.  Because if you check work, you’ll be focused on that instead of enjoying your free time. So do yourself a favour and put down your laptop and turn your phone off. 

- Change up your Sunday rituals

If you’re in a pattern of perpetual Sunday night dread, it may be time to switch up your routine. We highly recommend indulging in low-fi activities likes evening walks, baths, reading, and meditation. Perhaps speaking on the phone to a loved one who makes you laugh. If sitting in front of the TV each Sunday night makes you feel rubbish, try something else. However, we won’t be judging you for having a cosy Netflix marathon! 

- Plan something to look forward to 

Sunday night can often feel like a weird, uneventful night, but there’s no reason why you can’t use it to do something enjoyable. For example, go to a comedy show, or dinner with friends. Try and use your Sundays as you would a Saturday (minus the alcohol and late night). Another excellent ritual for fitness-lovers is going to the gym or taking a class - exercise floods our nervous system with endorphins, so it’s almost impossible to feel glum! 

- Time for a new job? 

While all the above can help, you might have the Sunday Scaries because you are genuinely unhappy in your job. In this case, we’d recommend chatting to your nearest and dearest or a coach to guide you. 

We hope these tips help to ease you into the work week with less of a bang and more of a cosy pillow! At Mela, we believe in making sleep better for all - let us be your Sunday saviours!