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Have Sweet Dreams Thanks To A Relaxing Pillow Spray

A relaxing pillow spray might be your ticket to winding down faster at night and getting more sleep than you ever dreamed was possible. 

Every night it’s the same. You toss and turn, feeling almost desperate to fall asleep. But instead, you watch your alarm clock as the minutes slip by without you getting any sleep at all. 

There may be several reasons for your insomnia or poor sleep, including work stress, relationship drama, or health issues. No matter the reason, you need to find some methods that will soothe you, so you can sleep better at night and feel refreshed the next day. 

One sleep aid that might help you relax and find quicker slumber at night is a relaxing pillow spray.  


The Lowdown on Pillow Sprays


For those of you who aren’t familiar with these sprays, they are scents that you can spray on your pillow before heading to bed at night. They can be made out of artificial fragrances, but essential oils, including lavender, rose, vetiver, clary sage, ylang ylang, and sweet orange, are extremely popular for pillow sprays as well.

Does something as easy as a lavender sleep aid spray really work? Can getting better sleep really be that simple?

If you think about it, using a sleeping mist scent to relax makes perfect sense. Scents have the ability to transform our emotions.

Our emotions can stop us from getting the rest we need. Anxiety, worry, and stress can keep us from falling asleep -- these negative emotions are a leading cause of insomnia. Worries about health, money, relationships, and work can keep us up at night. Scented pillow sprays can unleash the power of aromatherapy to help fight insomnia

Many of us find sleep sprays begin relaxing the mind when we breathe in the soothing scents of a fragrance like jasmine or lavender. Others have memories that are tied to scents, like how the smell of vanilla makes many of us think back to happy days of baking cookies with our mom or grandma.

When the right scents are used, they can help you unwind and take your mind to a happier, calmer place. And when you feel relaxed and at peace, it’s much easier to fall asleep faster


Great Pillow Sprays to Help You Fall Asleep


Trying to find pillow sprays that will help you ease into a good night’s sleep with just a few quick spritzes? It won’t be too hard to find the right match for you.

First, start with the scents you like. You’ll be much more likely to use and enjoy the pillow mist if it’s a scent you love. And if there is a scent you inexplicably hate and always have, skip it. You’ll feel repulsed instead of relaxed when you smell it and that won’t help you fall into a deep sleep

If you’re new to this kind of product, you may want to start with a popular scent, like the MelaComfort lavender spray to help you sleep. Lavender is one of the most sought-after scents for inducing relaxation -- and its benefits hold up in studies. Those who breathed in its flowery scent have been shown to feel less depression, which can certainly lead to better sleep.

The best lavender spray for sleep is one that has all the best qualities, like MelaComfort lavender spray, which uses top-notch ingredients and has a long-lasting smell.

If you want to branch out and not just focus on a single scent, you can opt for a product that includes a mixture of fragrances, such as a blend of essential oils that has lavender, vetiver, and mandarin.


Using a Deep Sleep Pillow Spray


It’s not complicated learning to use a sleep pillow spray. But there are some tips you should know to make the most of the experience.  

  • Watch where you spray: Instead of holding the bottle right next to your pillow, you should keep it back a few inches while spraying. If you hold it too closely to your pillow, you’ll make your pillow damp. That can prove to be highly annoying and might make you uncomfortable enough that you’ll stay awake longer.
  • Don’t forget the sheets: If you’re worried about a wet pillow, you can spray the sheets instead. The scent will still be there. 
  • Breathe it in: Take some deep breaths when you first get into bed so the relaxing scents can begin taking effect right away. 
  • Test it on an inconspicuous spot on your sheets: Just to make sure you aren’t staining the super expensive white sheets you might have saved up for, it’s always best to test a small spritz on a small area of the sheet. A good spot to do your test is the elastic right around the sheet -- the part you’ll be tucking under your mattress. If you get a stain there, no one will ever see. 
  • Make sure you bring it along while you’re traveling: Lots of people find it hard to sleep while staying in a hotel. Your spray might help you get better sleep while you’re away from home. 


Choosing a Pillow Spray That’s Right for You

First, you’ll want to figure out if you’d rather use artificial fragrances or strictly stick with essential oils. Once you have that narrowed down, focus on the scents you like and start there. A good place to start is by picking a scent that’s well known for its relaxing properties, like lavender.  

Over time, you may be able to find new scents you love, too. There’s nothing wrong with buying two pillow sprays. After your weekly washing of your sheets, you can try the second kind. Experimenting will help you find your favorites. 

Those who hate to pay for shipping might want to look for a product that offers free delivery. Saving money might help you fall asleep even faster, especially if money problems are one of the reasons you stay up at night. 


Take a Breather

Scents have the ability to transform our emotions, so they are one more tool we can use in our arsenal while attempting to sleep well. Pillow mist sprays are a tool worth trying if you have trouble falling asleep at night.