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Everything You Need to Know About Eucalyptus Bed Sheets

People who use eucalyptus sheets swear by them for their comfort and hardiness. If you’re new to eucalyptus fabric, you’re not alone. Many people aren’t familiar with this fabric.

People who use eucalyptus sheets swear by them for their comfort and hardiness. If you’re new to eucalyptus fabric, you’re not alone. Many people aren’t familiar with this fabric choice. 

This eucalyptus bedding review will be a good crash course on why you might want to buy these sheets the next time you’re shopping. 


Eucalyptus Sheets - Eco-Friendly Bedding

You might hear a eucalyptus bed sheet referred to as lyocell. Lyocell fabric is made primarily out of eucalyptus trees. The wood pulp is used to make lyocell fibres. The eco-warriors out there love eucalyptus lyocell because of how much better it is for the environment than some other types of sheets.

There are all types of lyocell products -- it’s not just used for sheets. Since it has a rayon-like feel, it’s a great choice for many kinds of clothing.

Why is lyocell a good fabric choice for those who care about the environment?

Eucalyptus trees grow easily and quickly, use much less water to produce than other types of fabric, and don’t require pesticides or as many other harsh chemicals

But, best of all, is how they feel when you’re sleeping on them. The comfort is wonderful from the first day of use.

If you suffer from allergies and are looking for hypoallergenic sheets, eucalyptus is the perfect choice.

Innovative, Soft, and Incredibly Durable

No matter how environmentally friendly lyocell is, it would be a hard sell to get people to use eucalyptus sheets if they weren’t comfortable. The reason they have skyrocketed in popularity is because they are some of the most comfortable sheets around.

These sheets are super soft, much like what you’d feel if you were sleeping on rayon or silk. The chilling effect of eucalyptus also makes them the best cooling sheets for a comfortable night of sleep. The fabric is cool to the touch, which can be quite a relief for those who get hot when they sleep or sweat profusely. The flat sheet they’re using can help them deal with those feelings of being too hot as they slumber.

Although these sheets feel luxurious, they are surprisingly durable. They’ll hold up well, wash after wash, year after year. You really get your money’s worth from these sheet sets because of how long they last. 


Cotton Sheets Vs Eucalyptus Sheets

Two of the main superstars in the world of bedding have to be cotton and eucalyptus. So, what are the benefits of lyocell vs cotton? Let’s take a closer look.

It depends upon what you’re looking for in a sheet set. They both are durable, comfortable, and great picks for sensitive skin

Ecologically, though, lyocell is better than cotton. Since it uses a closed-loop production process, virtually all the chemicals are reused, rather than being released into the environment. Organic cotton does use fewer chemicals than regular cotton, however, so that is also an option for people who want cotton sheets without the guilt of harming the environment. 

From a comfort perspective, both fabrics are tops when it comes to feeling nice against your skin. But while cotton starts out feeling crisp and subsequently getting softer with each washing, lyocell starts out feeling soft and luxurious from the first time you use it. Lyocell also pills less than cotton does.

For sweaty sleepers, lyocell comes out on top, when compared to cotton, because of its temperature regulating properties. While both fabrics are breathable, lyocell will also wick moisture away from the skin. Cotton can’t do that. Lyocell results in a drier, more comfortable sleep for those who sweat a lot.

From an aesthetic viewpoint, lyocell is a bit better because it is wrinkle-resistant, while cotton is more prone to getting wrinkles.

The main area in which cotton outshines lyocell is the price. Most cotton sheets are more affordable than lyocell. Although if you value your sleep, it may be worth paying more for the high quality, comfort, and environmental advantages of lyocell.  


Eucalyptus vs. bamboo

Bamboo sheets offer many of the same benefits of eucalyptus sheets. They are cooling, breathable, efficient at wicking away moisture, durable and hypoallergenic. The main drawback of bamboo sheets is their potential impact on the environment, despite often being marketed as an eco option.

This is because bamboo sheets are often made out of rayon, which involves a chemically intensive process that poses harm to the environment and the people that handle them. However, bamboo sheets are not always made like this. Sometimes they are made with lyocell, a much more environmentally friendly option.


Tips for Using Eucalyptus Bed Sheets

If you’ve bought the best eucalyptus sheets you can find, the chances are they weren’t cheap. To get the most out of your new sheets, there are some things you’ll want to know first. Here are our top tips.

  • Don’t use bleach on your lyocell sheets when washing: The bleach can weaken the lyocell fibres. It will hurt the lifespan of your sheets. 
  • Wash on the gentle cycle: A slow, gentle ride through your washing machine is better than a more rigorous one. Eucalyptus is a durable fabric, but it doesn’t require easy handling. 
  • Use cold water: Cold water is best for this type of sheet when you wash them. 
  • Skip the ironing: Why put yourself through the extra work when you don’t need to? Since this fabric is naturally wrinkle-resistant, just skip the step of ironing your sheets. Instead, put them on the bed as soon as they are done drying. This will help keep any wrinkles out. 
  • Make the rest of your bedroom conducive to sleep: Your sleep environment should be just as soothing as your sheets so you can reach your maximum sleep potential. Use some white noise, put up light-blocking curtains or blinds, and keep your room set at a great sleeping temperature. All those factors will help you sleep better at night. 
  • Consider a weighted blanket: Eucalyptus sheets pair wonderfully with a weighted blanket. The sheets help keep you cool, and the weighted blanket feels like a comforting hug all over your body. You get the best of both worlds when using these two products simultaneously. 


Sleep Better and Feel Better

Sleep is such an important part of our routines that it’s smart to get high-quality slumber. We feel better, look better, and often make healthier choices after a good night’s sleep. Choosing the right sheets can have an enormous impact on how well we sleep. 

Eucalyptus bedding could make a big difference in how well you’re resting at night. And you can at least rest easy knowing that you’re also making a good choice for the environment at the same time.