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Eucalyptus Range Collection

You spend up to a third of your life sleeping. Why waste all that time using bedding that isn’t helping you? 

Eucalyptus bedding is all the rage right now because of its many benefits. Check out our range of eucalyptus natural bedding and start getting the most out of that sleeping time. 

It’s time to meet the bedding of your dreams.

What’s in the Mela Bedding Range?

We have a full range of products to make every night seem like it is spent at a luxury hotel. Our range includes:

  • Mela Chill eucalyptus weighted blanket: This high quality weighted blanket for adults works well for hot sleepers. Cool to the touch eucalyptus makes for a comfortable night of sleep, even in warmer weather. 
  • Mela Chill eucalyptus weighted blanket cover: Want to protect your weighted blanket purchase from stains? A eucalyptus weighted blanket cover is a great way to do it. This breathable cover will make cleaning your weighted blanket a breeze.
  • Eucalyptus bedding set: Bedding sets are handy -- everything you need is gathered together conveniently for you. This set of eucalyptus sheets includes two pillowcases, one duvet cover, and one fitted sheet. These naturally hypoallergenic sheets will give you the anti allergy boost you need for a more restful night of sleep. 
  • Mela eucalyptus eye mask: Do you prefer to have total darkness when you’re sleeping? That’s especially important for employees who work the night shift and have to sleep when the sun is out. This cooling eucalyptus eye mask will give your eyes a break while helping you block out light.
  • Mela Air eucalyptus duvet: Duvets give fluffy warmth and comfort, but some, like this one, can be used all summer because of how breathable and cool it is. 
  • Eucalyptus pillowcases: If you want to give eucalyptus bedding a test drive without fully committing to a set of sheets until you see if you like it, pillowcases are a great option. These two pillowcases will likely make you want to buy more, though, when you feel how soft they are.
  • Eucalyptus duvet cover: Duvet covers are a great idea if you buy a duvet. They protect your duvet and extend its life by protecting it from stains and heavy usage. 
  • Duvet and pillow bundle: You can opt for this bundle, which includes two pillows and a 4.5 Tog duvet that uses eucalyptus for the filling and the outer shell. These pillows are a notch above most others because they use a pillow-in-pillow design that offers up the best of both worlds -- head and neck support as well as a cushy feel. 


Why Buy Eucalyptus Bedding Products?

If you’re looking for organic natural bedding, you should check out eucalyptus. Here are some reasons eucalyptus is a wonderful choice for bedding.


It Feels Amazing

This luxury natural bedding feels incredibly soft and smooth on your skin -- it’s never scratchy or uncomfortable. You’ll notice a difference when you make the switch to this type of bedding.

You’ll Instantly Be Cooler

Eucalyptus is cooling when you touch it. That makes it a great choice for year-round sleeping for people who seem to sweat a lot when they slumber. People also love it for beating the heat in the summer when they’re sleeping. 

As a bonus, if you are a sweater, eucalyptus is moisture-wicking, so it will suck the sweat right off your skin. That keeps you drier and more comfortable when sleeping. 

It’s Hypoallergenic

Are you one of the allergy sufferers who can have their symptoms aggravated by choosing the wrong bedding? If so, you’ll be glad to know eucalyptus is an anti allergy bedding that many people with allergies give their seal of approval. It will naturally resist common allergens like mold and dust

Dust mite allergies can also be improved by using hypoallergenic bedding. This common type of allergy can cause a lot of nuisance symptoms, such as sneezing, cough, irritated eyes, runny nose, and facial pain. Any natural material that is breathable and lightweight reduces the amount of moisture on your bedding. Dust mites need moisture -- through sweat and humidity to survive. 

It Doesn’t Wrinkle Easily

This is merely a cosmetic feature, but it’s one most people can appreciate. Who wants to head to a bed made up with wrinkly-looking sheets when they can have crisp ones that always look fresh?

And it’s a time saver as well if you’ve been ironing your sheets.  

It’s a Sustainable Choice

You can feel good about the luxury bedding you experience every night when you choose our products. Eucalyptus is an eco-friendly source for bedding materials. It doesn’t take as many chemicals to produce these sheets compared to other types of material. They also take much less water and energy to make than cotton sheets do. 

It’s a great green choice that will help your conscience sleep better at night, too. 


Join the Mela Revolution

If you’ve been hearing the buzz about eucalyptus bedding, it’s time for you to understand why people have been raving about this material. You deserve the best night’s sleep you can get. Put yourself first by trying one of our products today.