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Easy Ways to Put On a Duvet Cover


If you have a duvet, you should strongly consider getting a duvet cover for it. It will lengthen the lifespan of your duvet by protecting against stains and making those weekly washing sessions much easier. 

Once you have that duvet cover in hand, you might wonder how to put a duvet cover on.

Putting on a duvet cover is easy once you do it a few times. 

How to Change a Duvet Cover

Easy fit duvet covers make the process of washing your cover frequently much simpler, which is good news if you have allergies or like a freshly-cleaned blanket. Here are two methods to try.  

The Traditional Way


Let’s walk through a step-by-step guide for fitting a duvet cover on your duvet. 

  1. Put your duvet on your bed. Keep the tag at the head, where your pillows are. 
  2. Get the cover turned inside out. 
  3. Put the duvet cover on top of your duvet. The open side of the duvet cover should be near you at the foot of the bed. You’ll want to be able to see the corners of the duvet
  4. With the duvet cover inside out, put your hands through the opening of the cover until you’re holding the top two corners. The cover will be partially hiding your arms.
  5. Keeping your hands in place so they are holding those duvet cover corners, move your hands to the foot of the bed and grab the bottom corners of the duvet. 
  6. Take a second to fasten any buttons the corners have that will help the duvet remain in the correct position when inside the cover.
  7. While grasping the duvet corners, start putting the cover on the duvet by shaking the cover off of your arms. Do an arm motion as you would if you were trying to snap a blanket evenly on a bed. 
  8. Keep shaking until the duvet is at least halfway covered. From there, you might have to manually pull the cover over the rest of the duvet. 

The traditional method can take some practice. But there are easier ways, such as the rolling technique, which is a handy duvet trick.

Here is how you do the burrito method.

  1. Start by turning your duvet cover inside out.
  2. Place the cover flat on the bed, with the opening resting at the end of the bed where your feet would normally be. 
  3. Put the comforter or duvet on top of the duvet cover. 
  4. Go to the head of the bed and begin rolling the cover and the duvet together until you get to the end of the bed. 
  5. When you’ve reached the end of the blanket and cover, invert the opening of the cover around the ends of the whole thing. 
  6. Close the cover through whatever means it uses, such as a button or a zipper. 
  7. Slowly start unrolling the whole thing toward the head of the bed.

While neither of these methods will seem super simple when you first try them, they do become easier with practice. And while it will likely never be one of your favorite household chores, it will become less burdensome after you’ve gotten some practice. Plus, you’ll appreciate the fact that your efforts are protecting your duvet investment. 

If you’re one of the people who have embraced the use of weighted blankets in an effort to get better sleep, a duvet cover can also be used to safeguard your weighted blankets from spills. It will also save you from having to lug a super heavy blanket all the way to the washing machine and back. 



Covering All Your Bases


A duvet cover will make your duvet, comforter, or weighted blanket last longer. The cover can be put in the wash instead of repeatedly washing the duvet. That will keep it nicer for longer.

And now that you know a couple of methods for wrestling that duvet into the cover, you won’t make excuses as to why you should hold off on washing your bedding for another few days. You can have fresh bedding constantly.