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Ditch Uncomfortable Pillows: Why Adjustable Pillows Are Best for Sleep Quality

Your pillow can make or break your night of sleep. Have you ever stayed at a hotel only to toss and turn all night because of a lumpy or overfilled pillow? Then you know how important pillow selection is for restorative rest. 


But you might be using the wrong type of pillow. Your pillow choice might be holding you back and causing sleep deprivation. Those who don’t know what the perfect pillow is for their needs may want to get an adjustable pillow. We’ll go over what adjustable pillows are, and the different pillow types available.


How Comfy Pillows Improve Sleep Quality 




Uncomfortable pillows can cause you to lose sleep, but they can also disrupt the sleep you are getting. You might find yourself waking frequently in the night because your neck or back hurts from your less-than-ideal pillow. Frequent waking messes with the deep sleep cycles that are so crucial for quality sleep. 


The best pillows, on the other hand, promote sleep by helping you find and keep a comfortable position. Those restless nights will seem like a bad dream, and you’ll feel much better each morning when you get out of bed.


With the right pillow supporting you, you’ll also feel less pain each day when you wake up. That can set a better tone for your whole day. You’ll have an improved attitude and get more accomplished when you aren’t in pain.  


For optimal sleep, a comfort adjust pillow is your best bet. By having a pillow that will help you adjust a sleep position, you’ll be ready to take full advantage of your time in bed. 


The Different Types of Pillows and Which One You Need



Once you start doing some looking around, you’ll see there is an astonishing number of different pillows available for consumers. With so many choices, how do you know which type of pillow is best for you? By looking at their properties compared to your needs.


Here are some popular neck support pillow types as well as what they can do for you.

  • Feather: These pillows use feathers as the stuffing for a naturally-filled option. Since these flatter pillows mold to your head as you sleep, a feather pillow can prevent neck pain for stomach sleepers.
  • Cotton: Sweaty sleepers should appreciate the cooling aspect of cotton pillows. Cotton is decent as a hypoallergenic bedding pick, so if you are an allergy sufferer, it’s a good bet. 
  • Memory foam: A memory foam pillow is firm but has a lot of give to it -- it conforms to the shape of your head and neck. This a great pillow for side or back sleepers who don’t mind the firmer texture.
  • Down: People who like a fluffy, soft pillow may enjoy down filling. Down pillows only provide a small amount of support, which means they are also good for stomach sleepers. For best results, fluff the pillow filling in these once a week. 
  • Buckwheat: These plant-based pillows use the husks of buckwheat seeds as fillings. They can offer more support and can cool you down. But they can feel too firm for some people’s liking and make a slight crunching sound when you change positions. 
  • Wedge pillows: These are triangular-shaped, sloping pillows. If you suffer from acid reflux or have sinus issues, using a wedge pillow can help by keeping your torso more elevated when you fall asleep.
  • Adjustable: Have you ever bought a pillow and had it not work for you at all? Maybe it was too fluffy or too flat? An adjustable pillow lets you put in or remove some of the filling, so it is customized for your needs. An adjustable pillow lets you ditch those concerns about how to break in a new pillow. You don’t have to wait for it to settle or get to the right comfort level for your needs.



If you don’t get an adjustable pillow or already know which type of pillow works best for you, then you might have to test drive some before you find the right one for your sleep patterns


Why Adjustable Pillows Are Important


How many of you have wasted your hard-earned money picking out a pillow only to find that it didn’t work well for you? 


You do your best to follow beneficial sleep schedules by going to bed at the same time every day and making your room conducive to a good night of sleep. But if your pillow isn’t the right height or level of softness or firmness, you might spend all night tossing and turning anyway in a weird state of sleep and wakefulness that leaves you feeling exhausted.


If the pillow feels too fluffy, you can make it more to your liking with an adjustable pillow. You simply take out some of the filling and zip the pillow back up. Or if it’s too flat, you can make it fluffier. It allows you to customize your pillow so you get exactly what you need.


Our needs aren’t always the same from night to night. That’s why it can help to have a pillow that can be adjusted to support you no matter what challenges, pain, or changes life sends your way. 


Weigh the Pros and Cons


It will be nearly impossible to find the perfect pillow -- one that works under every circumstance. The best you can do is find one that checks most of the boxes when it comes to what you need. It might help you to make a pros and cons list for each pillow type you are considering. While your best bet might be an adjustable pillow, there are other options out there. 


You might find that what suits you best is a variety of pillows that you can use depending upon your needs that night. For instance, maybe it would be best to have an adjustable pillow for your main pillow and a wedge pillow as a back-up for when you have a cold and could benefit from the elevation or when you’re having a bout of acid reflux. 


Enough Pillow Talk


Adjustable pillows can ensure that you’re able to get your money’s worth out of a pillow instead of not being able to use it because it isn’t comfortable enough. By carefully thinking through what kind of sleeper you are and what your needs are from the pillow you buy, you should be able to pick one that pleases you.


Once you have the proper pillow, you’ll likely find that your quality of sleep will reach a whole new level.