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10 Summer Sleep Tips for Comfortable Nights

Getting a good night’s sleep during the summer months can be hard. Daylight hours are extended -- for some people, it’s just starting to get dark when they’re headed off to bed. That can make it tougher to fall asleep. 

Plus, the hot, humid weather can make for some pretty uncomfortable nights where you’re struggling to fall, or stay, asleep. These tips will get you through the hottest of summer nights without losing a wink. 

Use a Cooling Eye Mask

 Eye masks can be a game-changer when you’re trying to get more sleep. They can block out light, and if you choose the right material, they can be cooling when the temperatures are soaring. 

Studies have shown that eye masks can result in more sleep, and potentially more time spent in the restful REM stage. 

Consider using Mela’s 100-percent eucalyptus eye mask to get a cooling effect that feels soft and comfortable on your face while filtering out all the light. 


Get More Light Throughout the Day


One of the best things about summer is the access to daylight -- it beats the dark, dreary, short days of winter. Natural light is great for stimulating your natural circadian rhythm, a cycle that helps your body figure out when it needs sleep and when it should wake. 


It takes its cue partly from sunlight exposure. To reap the benefit of all the light during summer, go outside soon after waking up. You can eat breakfast outside or go for a walk first thing in the morning.



Find the Right Pillow


A comfortable pillow can make the difference between tossing and turning or falling right asleep. 


Mela Comfort’s pillow that has a pillow-in-a-pillow design can lead to a great night of sleep. It supports your neck while still allowing that softness you love. Plus, it has a breathable 100 percent cotton outer shell that will feel cool, even when the temperature reaches triple digits. 


Keep Your Allergies in Check


Summer can mean a flare-up for those who suffer from allergies. And, unfortunately, common allergens like dust mites and molds can thrive during the humid days of summer. To help fight these summer-loving allergens, consider using fabrics that naturally repel mold and dust mites.


Eucalyptus is a good choice for that. It’s the fabric that’s used to make the Mela air duvet. This lightweight and breathable duvet is a great choice for hot summer nights. 


You can stay covered without getting sweaty, while naturally fighting your allergens.



Try a Weighted Blanket


Conditions like anxiety don’t magically disappear during the summer. If you’ve been using a weighted blanket to help fight the anxiety that seems to increase at bedtime, you might be worried it will be too hot when the temperatures climb.


It might be time to find a more breathable weighted blanket for summer, like the Mela Chill weighted blanket. You’ll get the gentle pressure of a weighted blanket, without feeling sweaty. 


Get Moving


Exercise is a great way to tire out your body, so you can sleep better at night during the summer. The problem is when it’s too hot out, you don’t feel like moving at all. 


To beat the heat and still get in a good workout, opt for swimming or water aerobics, or exercise first thing in the morning before the hottest part of the day. You can also work out inside, like in the air conditioning at your local gym.



Find a Cooling, Breathable Fabric


You’ll want to use fabric that feels cool to the touch for your sheets and blankets. That will keep you more comfortable while you’re sleeping, so you’ll awaken less frequently. Feeling hot and sweaty is one of the biggest challenges of summer sleeping.


A good fabric to try during the hottest days is eucalyptus, like the Mela eucalyptus sheet set. It feels cool against your skin. 


Use White Noise


If you tend to get distracted by every noise you hear while trying to sleep, white noise can be your best friend at bedtime. 


Use a fan to help you stay cool and give that soothing white noise. Or you can use a sound machine, setting it on the type of noise you might associate with summer, such as beachy waves or rain.



Wash Your Sheets More


Since you might have worsening symptoms from pollen, dust mite, or mold allergies during the summer months, you should ramp up your cleaning schedule. Wash your sheets more frequently to cut back on the allergens you’re resting on every night.


And instead of air drying your bedding outside, put it in the dryer. You don’t need the additional pollen from drying it outside.


Consider Buying a Dehumidifier


Sometimes the humidity is worse than the heat. That’s especially true when you’re trying to sleep but your room feels so sticky that you can’t get comfortable. A dehumidifier will help you take the moisture out of the air.


For great sleeping conditions, try to reach about 30 percent humidity in your bedroom. 


Beat the Heat


While it might be a little trickier to get a good night’s sleep in the summer, there is no reason you can’t. Just stick with these tips and you’ll be off to a great start.