13 July 2020 / 7 mins read

When you’re pregnant, getting a good night’s sleep gets increasingly difficult. Your back starts hurting more as your baby grows, and you’ll struggle to find a comfortable position in bed when you’re fighting all those aches and pains. On top of that, you may be experiencing insomnia because of your fears about labour, finances, and being a good parent. 

Luckily for you, there are things you can do to improve your sleep quantity and quality. A pregnancy support pillow can make a big difference by helping you adjust your alignment or giving you some extra body support where you most need it. Here’s what you need to know about your pregnancy pillow UK options. 


What Are Pregnancy Pillows?

Pillows for pregnancy are different than the regular pillow you rest your head on every night. They’re bigger, and they come in some unusual shapes. They are designed specially to offer critical support to women in mid-to-late pregnancy. 

By placing them in various spots, depending upon where you’re feeling the pain, they can take the pressure off of your changing body enough to let you get some sleep.


What Are the Different Types of Pregnancy Pillows?

When looking at body pillow pregnancy products, you’ll see there is a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Let’s go over some of the common ones you’ll notice and the pros and cons for each:

Full Body Pillow

These are like a long, well-filled pillow you’d use for your head at night. 



C-Shaped Pillow

This pillow looks just like a C from the alphabet. It’s a popular pillow for pregnant women. 



U-Shaped Pillow

U-shaped pillows are a lot like C-shaped pillows, but they wrap even further around the backside of sleepers.



Wedge Pillow 

This kind of pillow is shaped like a cheese wedge you’d buy in a store. One side is flat, angling up into a wedge. 





What Are the Benefits of Pregnancy Pillows?

While pregnancy pillows aren’t a necessity, they are a wonderful tool to use during and after pregnancy. They can be a great investment for your overall well-being.

They can:



How to Choose the Best Pregnancy Pillow

First off, you’ll have to examine what issues you have that are causing you to want a pregnancy pillow. Are you having heartburn? Or is your problem more about finding a comfortable sleeping position -- one that won’t hurt your belly or back?

Once you’ve identified that, you can start your search. Find the pillow that is likeliest to target your issues. If it’s heartburn, look for wedge pillows or a U-shaped one that will elevate your torso and head. If you’re needing full-body support, choose one of the other pillows.

Also, before you start shopping, you may want to set a budget. Pregnancy is a time where your finances are already taking a hit. You have hospital bills to worry about, and you have to buy all that essential pregnancy gear. 



Things To Consider Before Buying

To make sure you’re happy with your purchase, you should also look at:



Power Through Those Final Weeks

Late pregnancy is never easy. You’re tired, and you see your legs and feet swelling to epic proportions. You’ll feel all kinds of aches and pains that you’ve never felt before. You aren’t powerless to stop those pains, though -- finding the right pillow can help take the pain away enough that you can sleep better at night.